Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #7

Tool #7
This one took me the longest....I wanted a project that my students could get into. I found The Marvelous M&M Survey. Students would receive a package of M&Ms and they would have to predict the colors in the bag before actually tallying the colors. We could skype, edmodo with other classrooms across the school and/or district their predictionas and record the actual colors of each class in a chart that we could share through Google Docs. Students could also make videos and post them on a class blog! Students would be in chart in updating as we get results from other classrooms. I think the students would love this!

Objective: Students will use predictions to see how many of each color are in an M&M bag. They will also apply their graphing skills to create a bar graphs. They will also use their number skills to find percentages and probability of each color in each classroom. 
This could be implemented in the graphing section in the curriculum, percents and/or probability. 
Edmodo, skype, blogs, Google docs, chart creators would be used for this project.
Students will have to make predictions of how many M&Ms in each bag. Then they would have to find the actual numbers, percentages and probability of each color. All students would do this project with other classrooms and they would be able to compare their results with other classrooms throughout the school and/or district. 

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